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Thursday, August 1





Remember your WHY TheaterJasmyn Wright Escape the Bus - Session #2 TBAFULLiSchool Initiative How to ask questions that can't be Googled 102FILLINGTravis Allen Nearpod Advanced 166 Comp LabJon Durfee Reader's and Writer’s Workshop 2.0- Exploring comprehension through digital pedagogy Lecture HallLisa Highfill Create, Collaborate, and Communicate: Utilizing Google Sites for Digital Portfolios 160FILLINGMelinda Isham • Yvette Mezzanatto Art of Education - Surviving Secondary Art 154Evan Nees • EJ Caffaro Increasing Student Involvement Using 5-Star Students 153Heidi Slagill Teacher Created Assessments-Flexible Online Assessments 152LIMITEDJim Hudson Technology in a Math Classroom 155FULLAnna Bathgate • Edward Lee Transition Plans 151Lisa Lennox Empowerment for the Educator 106LIMITEDNina Torres • Ashley La Bella • Tamara Ellison Lexia Core5: Instructional Materials Overview 168 Comp LabLinda Ramirez • Crystal Harrison Teaching Syllable Types 121LIMITEDNicolle Hartz • Dawn Eldevik Digital Storytelling: Give Your Students an Authentic Purpose for Writing and a Global Voice 157Leticia Perkins • Suzanne Gagne Teaching a Tough one: Evolution and Natural Selection 105LIMITEDKristin Griffith A Deep Dive into Turnitin Feedback Studio 169 Comp LabChris Vescovi Formative Assessments and Feedback 111Rosalyn Fleischer Creating Connectivity Through Proactive Circles 108LIMITEDJaneen Antonelli STEM and Play-Based Learning on a Budget 110FULLRebecca Garrett • Julie D'Arca Bringing the "Color" to Centers-Colton Cohort 109LIMITEDJessica Gomez Class Dojo 104FILLINGAubrey Richardson